It is the 5th of November 2020 and at 12 am, the UK was officially put into a second lockdown.

The last lockdown, provided people with an opportunity to reflect as the world slowed down around them. Many found themselves with additional time on their hands, either due to no longer needing to go into the office, being furloughed, losing clients or being made redundant.

These circumstances meant that the free time might provide a good opportunity to try something that you’ve been meaning to for a while.

I was not one of these people.

I carried on fairly normally – other than the constant stream of news about the virus, memes about the virus and Whatsapp being swamped with people who were talking about the virus – not much had changed. I stopped going to the gym, maybe drank a bit more towards the end of the lockdown, but all in all, it didn’t change my routine that much.

I did however mean to get things done with the supposed extra time, I would have. Alas, this did not materialise.

However, an idea I’ve had floating about for a while is documenting some of the stuff I find myself getting carried away and often neglecting after I find a new shiny object to pay attention to.

So this is it. I’m going to commit to 200 words a day for lockdown, and hopefully beyond on some of my favourite topics.

I plan to write  broadly around the following topics

  • eCommerce – in particular, building eCommerce stores, marketing them and the day to day running of one.
  • Personal finances – sharing bits on cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets.
  • Business –  ideas, innovations and the less interesting bits that keep businesses afloat.
  • Self-help and improvement, I listen to a lot of these type of books and podcasts.

I’ll make sure I reference all resources I learn from and it will hopefully help you explore further on all the topics I’ll be chatting about.

I got to 300 words with not much effort. This could be a breeze 😉