It’s the first day on this and I’m obviously very enthusiastic to get words down. If you’ve not read my first post, then perhaps start there.

I’ve popped out this evening after completing my initial post, as well as fucking about with the design of the site and getting GA & GSC set up. Cracking first night of Lockdown 2.0.

I went out to get my 10k steps in and to listen to the latest episodes ( #24 & #25) of My First Million. Reaching 10,000 steps a day is another personal project for lockdown 2.0, which I will log my daily progress on. It’s 9 pm now on bonfire night and I’m on 13795 steps.

My last post was short; and upon further thought, I feel like it’s probably worth expanding and explaining why I’m doing 200 words a day.

*This will tie nicely into a post I’m planning on doing regarding the key lessons I’ve learnt in my **adult** life – I started that post about a year ago!*

200 words a day

200 words a day is a realistic, attainable goal to set. Which requires consistency to complete. 200 words is pretty much a medium/long email, which should take no longer the 15/20mins for me to do. Less time for me on Twitter or browsing Netflix and more time being proactive.

The 200 words do not have to make up a complete post, it can be a part of 10, 20 consistent days of writing on a subject; which will allow me to provide a detailed article on a subject with thorough thought and analysis.

I have no real aim for this, other than to help others learn my lessons and to better myself by being accountable, having deeper thought on a subject and proving details analysis. With each post, I want to make sure I’m being open and honest with myself and the reader. So I won’t intentionally leave out lessons learnt – you’ll get everything I know.

I’d like to build connections with people with this and broaden my network for further learning. 


Seth Godin is an influence for me on this, he writes a short blog/email every day and has done for years. I’ve subscribed to his emails and try to read it as often as possible. I would say that a daily email – for me – gets to a sticking point where it just becomes white noise and I ignore it more often than I open it. However, Seth is a fantastic marketeer and has a range of brilliant books, that any aspiring marketeer should digest.

I’m pretty sure I got this idea about 200 words a day from a James Clear book, Atomic Habits. But don’t hold me to that. A great book, that I need to go through again.

On my walk, I had a few thoughts/took some lessons from the podcast.

  1. Copywriting – something I want to make sure I learn more about – especially now I’m writing 200 words a day. A famous scene from Mad Men was referenced, where Don Draper talks about the Lucky Smokes and how they used “It’s Toasted” as the way to describe the cigarettes, which was incorporated into the advertising campaign… As is everyone’s else’s, but they don’t say it! (I’m a big fan of Mad Men btw)
  2. ‘You don’t have to be the expert on the business you are going to start, you just need to be the one to see a problem and provide the solution.’ Loved that insight and very relevant for a few ideas I’m just about getting started with.
  3. Accountability – I had an old manager who would get me to write what I’d worked on through the week and what I was planning to do next week. This is a quick 5 min email to send on a Fri. Since leaving that job, I stopped doing that, but I was discussing this with my partner this week and during my walk this evening I made a promise to myself to start doing it again but sharing with my business partners what my weeks been like (remote work makes this type of communication even more important).

669 words! This won’t stay consistent lol.